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Has your company exhibited at CES?


Hi all,

Glad to be here. I’ve gone to CES every year since 2011 when helping a client with their product launch. We’re considering investing in a booth this year, but the ROI is really unclear. Curious what your experiences have been

Paul O'Brien Changed status to publish

Depends on what your goals are and current prospect/customer base.

If you are looking to \’ get the word out\’ and build a list it can be a good investment. But, it is all about location, location, location (and what you can do to draw people to your booth).

If you have a specific targeted list of clients, prospects, etc… in mind and know that they are attending, I have found the best approach is to rent a suite at the Wynn or Cosmopolitan and pre-schedule meetings.

A best of both worlds approach, that I have seen be successful is leveraging partnerships and scoring demo/talk time in their booth. Ideally, with one of the big players that get a lot of traffic. And, in addition to presenting in their booth, you could potentially partner on a happy hour event in their booth or co-sponsor a party.

Satish Kumar Changed status to publish

Awesome answer – thank you!

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