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Has your company exhibited at CES?


Hi all,

Glad to be here. I’ve gone to CES every year since 2011 when helping a client with their product launch. We’re considering investing in a booth this year, but the ROI is really unclear. Curious what your experiences have been

Paul O'Brien Changed status to publish February 21, 2022

Great question, Ty! Here’s a bit of insight into CES 2022 from Gary Shapiro the CEO of the Consumer Technology Association. He was a guest on connecTed with community member Ted Cohen earlier this year. He covers what you can expect from the event as both an attendee and participant. I hope it helps. https://mediatech.ventures/event/connected-with-gary-shapiro-ceo-of-consumer-technology-association/

Kristie Whites Answered question October 22, 2021
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