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How much do Creators earn? Is being an Influencer really as successful as it seems?


It seems Creator or Influencer is the new Entrepreneur which makes me curious for stories, personal experiences, and data.  Are people really doing well being influencers?

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What prompted my own question is some of my own discovery.  A 2022 report from Linktree found that only 12% of creators working FULL TIME at it make more than $50,000 a year.  Almost half make less than $1,000 (get this…) a year.

NeoReach has another survey from last year, that more than 35% of the 2,000 people surveyed earn more than $50,000 every year (sample size or audience considerations?  That is a statistically significant survey but then again, NeoReach promotes influencer marketing, so their audience is likely people doing a bit better with it.  Indeed, 1.4% of those surveyed made more than $1 million annually.

And it’s that 1.4% that struck me as interesting.  That, similar to entrepreneurship, only about 1% are incredibly successful.  The majority aren’t making anything meaningful to make it a living, and then three is some half-or-so percentage that get by.  It’s certainly not a bell curve… more of a ski slope with very few making it to the bottom.  Or, top, I suppose.

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