Hi from Montreal where we’re building Night Picker – media and marketing tech for the culinary world and urban tourism with the potential to organically pull an ethical, commercial canopy over the fragmented sectors of restaurants, city food scenes and media companies – creating a ‘Trivago’ of food-tainment and dining options – at home and on the go.

Fueled by video ‘shorts’ we’re giving purpose to short-format media by airing a mix of UGC and produced content in our ‘watch & shop’ style culinary app, and creating new and recycling pre-seen content via Night Picker Production.

Soft launched in Canada last year we tested and tweaked our tech, and aired content created in-house across 3 major channels – Food Network (Top Chef), Global (CORUS), and CTV;  populated the app with a mix of self-filmed and produced content; and partnered with 2 major city tourism boards.

Our fire is laid and we’re now looking for seed funds to light it and service the partners we have lined up and waiting to go prior to our US launch this Spring, but we’re getting push back on the media angle – fear of the space, lack of smarts in the space, already burnt by the space… so my question is who’s media friendly today in the early stage VC?

I’d really appreciate your thoughts and any warm intros you could send our way! Thanks in advance, Julie

ps. discover a little bit(e) more about us here: https://linktr.ee/NightPicker

Paul O'Brien Changed status to publish February 21, 2022