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What have you found to be the best online survey, feedback, and customer discovery tool?

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Largely considered valuable given their popularity, here are a few of the most recommended survey tools :

  • Easy to use, for first time survey builders: SurveyPlanet
  • Beautiful and intuitive survey forms: Typeform
  • Great for smartphones while being more advanced but still straightforward: SurveyMonkey
  • Survey offline; or rather, create the survey for offline: QuickTap
  • One click feedback, great for Net Promoter Score: YesInsights
  • Gamified surveys: Survey Anyplace
  • On Facebook?  Here’s a chatbot that surveys: Surveybot

Would love to hear about your best practices, other recommendations, or tips.  Any other survey approaches or tools you use?

Paul O'Brien Changed status to publish

Once you have your survey completed, What tools/services are good for finding targeted online audiences to answer the survey?   I’ve used TapResearch audience network.

Paul O'Brien Posted new comment

Oh that’s a brilliant follow up question Rob, thank you. And +1 for the intro to TapResearch – https://www.tapresearch.com/

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