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Who is interested in investing in a new media property of original combat sports content?

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Battleground Highlights:

*Original Content Creator/Distributor-we produce and own all of our content accumulating a valuable content library over time to be monetized many times over

* Seasoned Award Winning Management Team ( All with Start-up experience)

*Uniquely Flexible: By customizing our Live Events into multiple “shows” that can vary in time and structure to meet the exact needs of media platform customers

*Drive sponsorship revenues through our multiple show format strategy. Sponsors will gain “eyeballs”/views as the Live content is reverse engineered into multiple shows and distributed over multiple platforms.

*Post-editing allows Battleground to accommodate viewers by dubbing into multiple languages for different media markets/platforms

* Combat Sports is the fastest growing sports sector in the world and is projected to continue for the next 5yrs (WS Journal)

*Cost effective marketing strategy using data analytics and social media influencers over all platforms to drive viewers to Battleground advertising and events (Pay-Per-View- FITE TV Youtube, etc.

* Top Sports Production/Distribution Team (Mike Roth & Mike Cohen) with 35+ years experience each who have long standing relationships throughout Network Sports Television and Digital Streaming industry (see bios)

“The Battleground is building a unique media property whose events will be featured and distributed through live pay-per-view, network television and Digital streaming platforms globally. We are an original content creator in the multi-billion dollar combat sports content space based in Durham, NC.

Battleground has developed its own proprietary rule set separating it from other combat sports promotions such as the UFC,Bellator, World Wide Wrestling-WWE, BJJ and Submission Grappling.

Our experienced and award winning management team will produce high quality entertainment that will be post produced to fit the specific needs of our distribution partners. We will utilize cutting edge analytics, Social Media Influencers and data to drive traffic that will grow our fanbase of content consumers. Our largest demographic consists of the most sought after category of 18 to 44 year old males”

Paul Erickson Answered question

I’m not able to invest but very interested in following this and talking shop.

Very familiar with the combat sports sector and its uphill battle as a media property. I  brought the NV and NJ unified rules of MMA to the Texas boxing commission in 2001 out of my own initiative and helped drive them to finally adopt a closed-fist ruleset in 2004.

I also met with Dana White at the then-new Zuffa headquarters in 2001, to pitch marketing and strategy. (Ultimately they cross-purposed internal Fertitta Enterprises staff instead of going to outside hires, and did white label rev-share with Showtime Sports for PPV marketing etc)

Since 2000 I’ve attended 100+ live combat sports events across the US and Mexico.

Reach out to me and let’s chat. [email protected]

Paul Erickson Answered question
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