Where We’ll Be SXSW 2023

We’ve clocked roughly 40 different venture capital and fundraising events while SXSW Music appears to have 2-3x as many artists and events than years recent – which is to say, all that’s going on in Austin through March 19th, starting now, reflects our own volume of questions, curiosity, and meetings to organize. It’s going to be busy and what YOU make of it.

Friends and partners are seeking the Must Attend List of Things to Do so I want to be frank with you so that you can make the most of SXSW – put yourself together a loose schedule of what’s most valuable to you, keep it in mind, and then MOVE and MEET as many people as possible. That’s what makes SXSW beneficial; that if you spend more than an hour or two in any one venue or at any event, you’re doing it wrong.

Shake hands, elevator pitch, make a lasting impression, and move.

This year, what I can guide, is that we’ll be spending most of our time at Funded House, at 5th and San Jacinto (NW of the convention center) and Rainey (SW of the convention center). We’ll have a dozen plus people on the ground so we’re taking the advice I gave you – expect us to be moving and not really certain to be at any one thing.

  • Funded House requires your registration for either our private events or to participate in one of the many other partner events from our international and local friends.
    • Your BEST bet is to Register at Funded House so we can send you when and where else you might be able to participate. Our programing here is about MATCHING so if you’re seeking the party or happy here where you can just come meet, you’re misunderstanding what we do – we’ll organizing conversations between founders, investors, and cities (yes, governments) in our work to build startup ecosystems that work.
    • There is a list of publicly available events here (at Wax Myrtle) below
  • Rainey street is always an epicenter of our time, whether with our friends at Midwest House or taking advantage of the music and other experiences. Be familiar with where to find your way to Rainey and you’re certain to find your time there valuable.

When? I can’t say, read my intro above again: meet and move.

What I’d like to give you though is a bit of direction and some guidance on the best ways to meet…

I can’t get you in, we can’t get you in, take a moment and register for…

Thursday, March 9th

Austin Tech Happy Hour at Dogwood
No badge necessary, this is one of Austin’s oldest and best attended events, and a wonderful opportunity to kickstart SXSW with some time meeting the local community.

Friday, March 10th

Singapore Startup Pitch Competition
Don’t miss out on this opportunity to meet with start-ups from one of Asia’s top innovation hubs with an event at the Austin Chamber of Commerce. We’ll be involved and it will give you the opportunity to meet partners from Enterprise Singapore, Singapore’s government agency tasked with championing enterprise development and startup innovation.

Saturday, March 11th

Austin Venture Assocation Reception
A private reception for premiere funds, family offices, LPs, and select emerging startups on March 11th during SXSW. This exclusive event will provide an opportunity for networking and discussion with like-minded professionals.

Sunday, March 12th

Bridging the Knowledge Gap Between Web2 and Web3
Join us on Sunday, March 12th at 1 pm for a lunch session at the Fortress! I’ll be moderating a conversation with a curated group of top-tier Founders, Operators, VCs, and brands of all sizes across different industries with a focus on FinTech.

French Tech; Cinema and Music
Join French Tech Austin to connect, and exchange information & business opportunities about the US market, with 50 of the top French Tech startups present at SXSW23. After a quick introduction, people will be divided into groups to talk about common interests. I’ll be moderating.

Monday, March 13th

Creativity X Tech at Wax Myrtle
The creative sector has always been at the forefront of new technological advancements in both discovery and implementation. Art, Music, Film have been therefore heavily influenced but also themselves influenced that distribution and adaption of developments in Artificial Intelligence, 3D Printing, AR/VR and more. Moderator: Reanne Leuning, Head of Creative Industries at AUSSENWIRTSCHAFT AUSTRIA 

Superconnectors Pitch Event German Haus
Superconnectors offers opportunities for young businesses to meet hard-to-reach experts with great networks. I’ll be there Monday morning for an event at which we can connect.

Ignite Talks at SXSW
Ted Cohen joins the Music Ignite Talks at the convention center – In the spirit of Ignite Talks, each speaker will have exactly 5 minutes on stage and 20 slides to amuse, educate, enlighten, or inspire the audience. Speakers will present on a variety of topics centered on music and technology.

Texas Bright Future
An Afternoon of Film & TV Industry Info, Special Guests, Coffee & Snacks! Come learn more about the Texas Media Coalition and AEB at The Austin Club.

Tuesday, March 14th

Spritz, Pitch, and Sounds with Italy
Have a Spritz and discover Italian creativity in arts and technology. The Italian Trade Agency hosts the Italian Night at The Stephen F Austin Royal Sonesta Hotel.

Wednesday, March 15th

Music Innovation Mixer at Bangers
Sponsored by DIT (Do It Together),LyricFind, MYXT, RoyFi, 2112, .Music, Who?Mag, Music Managers Forum – US (MMF-US), and Labelcoin.


Most of our time this year is focused on our international relations and work with other countries so get yourself signed up for all the international events we listed previously, click here and make sure you note the couple more added in the comments (Italy & LATAM)!.

Floating spots (register for places to hang out) Inc. Founder House, Tulsa House, Midwest House, and Established Lounge

To be clear, to get involved in Funded House in any way, where we’ll be for the most part, you must register:

Wax Myrtle at the Thomson Hotel

Friday the 10th

9:00 – 11:00 – Building International bridges

2:00 – 5:00  – Growth Masterclasses & Expert AMAs

5:00 – 8:00 – Innovation Hubs Around the World

8:00 – 10:00 – Founder Fuck Up Night: International Edition

Sunday the 11th

11:00 – 1:00 – Latinx are the future of the U.S. and VC with VC Familia

This will show where people are in real-time, making a quick meet up much more convenient
Join the MediaTech, various SXSW, and startup groups to meet other people

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