You Have to be Odd

Founders are constantly faced with scrutiny early on because the objective of a “startup” is to validate the viability of their ‘solution’ for the problem they want to solve. It’s during this process where most startups get crushed under the weight of hundreds of other opinions on top of managing their own internal dialogue.

Every first/second time founder building something from nothing has heard, most likely dozens of times, during this process:

  • You’re trying to do too much
  • You know 90% of startups fail right?
  • You don’t have the background
  • You can’t compete with what’s out there already
  • Why would you give up having a secure job?
  • You’ve never done (insert some vague business role/responsibility) before, that sounds too risky!
  • etc. etc. etc. etc.

On TOP of mentally managing all these varying opinions,

  • 1/13 people globally are entrepreneurs
  • >20% of startups fail in year 1
  • >70% of startups fail in years 2-3
  • So out of the 582,000,000 entrepreneurs globally, only 5,820,000 will achieve any measurable/meaningful amount of success.

But we already know that don’t we? Yet our passion for solving big challenges and making the world better is so strong, it out weighs the risks and stats that are stacked against us from day one.

The truth is,

Sometimes it can feel like you’re alone, stranded on an island with your mission and vision of how to make the world better, and solve big problems.

Sometimes it can feel impossible to accomplish everything you need to everyday, managing people, sales, marketing, clients, finances, etc.

That’s why this quote is so powerful…

Because despite all of the push back, the negativity, plus stacked risks and stats, we couldn’t imagine a world where we didn’t wake up every day pursuing our dream, and solving big challenges, and making the world a better place.

Entrepreneurship doesn’t have to be a lonely endeavor, if there’s anything I can do to help you, that’s a big reason I get out of bed everyday, and am always happy to help.

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Comments on You Have to be Odd

  • jeremy heath

    On the basis of net neutrality, there are too many folks lining up for the next pot shot. What actually needs to be known is all that must be known. We live in a man’s world and gender equity is important. There also gets to be a point where any single nonpertinent keystroke into a computer screen is a threat to the survival of humanity.

  • Mark Simchock

    Have you seen “What do you do with a problem?” and “What do you do with an idea?”?** They are – or should be – adult books in childrens’ books costumes.

    ** There’s a third in the series, but I forget the title.

    • Paul O’Brien

      Not but digging them up. There’s something fun to be had here.

You Have to be Odd

by John Zozzaro time to read: 1 min