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#WINNING Korean Innovation

Cheers to our remarkable contestants who participated in Innovation Korea this month!

In case you missed it, 12 startups competed for a chance to win a spot in MediaTech Ventures’ incubator, a 12-week program helping international startups learn about, get connected to, and scale into the United States market. These savvy startups ranged from contemporary media technology for retail industries to AI-enabled robots.

Meet our participants

  • Zetabank, develops AI enabled autonomous disinfection robots to help hospitals, office buildings, and other public spaces increase safe environment.
  • Robo Risen, provides easy and feasible ‘Motion’ to people.
  • KADA:KUDU, produces comfortable heels for women based on smartphone virtual fitting technology.
  • Daesung (Smart Hive), conducts beekeeping research and development under the brand Smart Hive. DAESUNG offers a more convenient way with beekeeping, which grows punishments and manages hives.
  • TIMAEUS Inc., utilizes AI to produce image and video conversion.
  • CK Materials Lab, specializes in manufacturing and supplying Smart Materials and functional “Haptic Applications” in order to deliver benefits of materials, enhancing lives.
  • KavaSoft Co,.LTD, develops online racing simulator games.
  • TUBEPLE, a video platform service company that includes comment technology, allowing users to watch together at any time.
  • INECO Inc., creates safe and beautiful indoor spaces. INECO produces and develops functional eco-friendly construction material that makes indoor space healthy and solves indoor environmental problems with technology.
  • Lupin Company Inc., specializes in the development and manufacture of Gel Nail Sticker to create non-toxic, nail salon quality and new concept products with their own technologies ranging from raw material development to print and coating.
  • Riverti Inc., facilitates fun and stable financial returns.
  • Lighters Company, assists K-pop artists and fans in communicating freely and safely.

…And the winners are

Congratulations to the WINNERS of our pitch competition, RoboRisen and KADA:KUDU! Out of 12 competing startups, RoboRisen and KADA:KUDU were chosen to join MediaTech Ventures’ incubator.

Our panel of judges, which included experts from some of the top investment and technology companies such as LG Technology Ventures and Dell Technologies Capital, chose these startups due to their ingenuity and flair.

More about the winners

RoboRisen targets the educational toy market with app-based modular robot offerings. Specifically, the Korean robotics startup developed a smartphone-connected modular robot named PingPong: to serve as a playmate and a teacher for kids in a more engaging way. As more children are exposed to digital technologies from an early age, a growing number of tech-connected parents are looking for toys that can help make their kids more creative and smarter. Our judges saw the billion-dollar potential for scalable growth in their model!

Korean startup KADA: KUDU introduces virtual fitting solutions for the multi-billion dollar women’s shoes & accessories industry. This fashion-savvy startup makes comfortable heels for each woman based on smartphone virtual fitting technology. With stylish designs handmade in Seoul, they are combining the best of boutique, sustainable luxury with the ease of online ordering thanks to their clever #mediatech platform. Check them out today to boost your Post-COVID wardrobe before you hit those first in-person meetings!

Thank you, again!

Again, thank you to all who participated in the event and helped make it a success. Your creativity and dedication know no limits. We look forward to seeing your brands expand exponentially in the near future!

In case you missed it, you can watch here.

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Evelyn O'Toole

Evelyn O’Toole is a recent graduate of Emerson College Digital Marketing and Data Analytics online master's program. She is an avid writer and enjoys using her skills to contribute to the exciting world of innovation and technology as an intern at MediaTech Ventures.

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