Meaningful Investment

Media is the voice of the world.

More Than A Return

Media innovation drives our economy, shaping how we view the world, and helping define culture. From investment in the printing press to the latest podcast infrastructure, society is always innovating, always inventing, and constantly creating wealth and opportunity in our economy.

Flush with challenges (opportunities) in online privacy, health related to social media, monetization of music, streaming, augmented reality, fake news, cyber security, and advertising, this is where investment not only matters but is in fact rather recession proof; as one sector of media struggles (say, news or advertising), another tends to thrive (such as entertainment or video games).

It’s never a bad time to invest in mediatech and it’s always the ideal time whether seeking an ROI or wanting to make a difference in the lives of entrepreneurs and consumers globally.

To illustrate the impact and potential of investing in media, the top five public media companies equate to $996B market cap.

Netflix (NFLX): $234 Billion
Walt Disney (DIS): $220 Billion
Comcast Corp (CMCSA): $209 Billion
AT&T (ATT): $203 Billion
Charter Communications (CHTR): $130 Billion

In the last 20 years alone, new mediatech companies like Epic Games, Facebook, Tencent, and Zoom are worth just as much, dwarfing the same market cap themselves.

The media industry is set to create (almost) all new jobs, directly and indirectly as media is what promotes, communicates, and teaches. Every new business and entrepreneur begins with media.

Usher in the next era of opportunity and innovation, as media technology ventures define today’s world.

Be an evolutionary. Invest in it.

Sign Paul

Media and technology never stops evolving

Make your investment go further.

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