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MediaTech Ventures to Host Innovation Korea, A Virtual Event

Austin, TX: MediaTech Ventures will host Innovation Korea, a one-day virtual event showcasing Korean startups and economic opportunities, on March 15th in the United States  – and March 16th in Korea.

Technology and the media are interwoven, and just like industries before it, MediaTech is emerging to address the fast-moving pace of technology and the impact on the resulting media economy. Innovation Korea will showcase Korean innovation and will include a program and pitch competition. Directed by Bisang Global and sponsored by KOTRA, Innovation Korea will help Asian companies comfortably and confidently expand business endeavors in the United States and beyond.

“As the world continues to shift towards more meaningful and engaging ways to connect digitally, now more than ever, it’s important we continue to bridge the gap between startup communities globally,” said John Zozzaro, President of MediaTech Ventures. “Innovation Korea will showcase startups changing the world, combined with understanding Korea’s venture capital and economic opportunities and culture. This is the first of many future-forward events dedicated to bringing global innovation directly to you, leveraging media-technology at your fingertips.” 

Kicking off the program will be ‘The Texas Difference with Paul O’Brien,’ an intimate chat on how Texas supports entrepreneurs and innovation. A panel of venture capital investors will discuss opportunities and the Korean investment capital community. An Economic Development Panel will discuss how the Korean government supports the startup ecosystem.

  • Innovation Korea will begin the virtual conference at 4:00 p.m. on March 15th CST, which is 7:00 a.m. March 16th KST. 
  • Fifteen Korean startups will pitch to a host of internationally based judges, with two being recognized with seats in MediaTech Ventures’ incubator, a 12-week program helping international startups learn about, get connected to, and scale into the United States market. 

“Within a very short time, we have seen Korea go from a third world country after the Korean War to becoming an economic powerhouse, producing companies like Samsung, LG, Hyundai, and Kia. The socio-economic environment in Korea and the tremendous support from the Korean government has created a petri dish of innovation and ingenuity like no other,” said Moses Park, CEO of Bisang Global. 

Being a relatively small country, and much like Israel with their startup environment, Korean startups focus on expanding outside of their own country.

“The big question every startup asks, ‘will it be China or the U.S?’ It is our duty to incentivize and welcome Korean startups into the U.S markets for both economies to prosper and grow,” added Park. “Korea doesn’t only provide K-Pop and K-dramas. People need to know that the Hallyu wave of Korean innovation is coming in strong, and those who are ready can greatly benefit from it.”

For more information, and to register for the event, Innovation Korea, visit https://mediatech.ventures/korea/

About MediaTech Ventures

MediaTech Ventures is unifying media technology for an ever-evolving economy. Founded in 2017, the holding corporation is dedicated to educating and moving public, private, and corporate capital into media-technology innovation. https://mediatech.ventures/

About Bisang Global

Bisang Global helps Asian Startups expand their business opportunities into the U.S markets. Bisang is a one-stop-shop for investments, business development, and sales & marketing. Bisang is the “bridge” in helping Asian companies succeed in the U.S and beyond. https://www.bisangglobal.com/


KOTRA, otherwise known as Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency, operates under South Korea’s Ministry of Trade, Industry & Energy (MOTIE), as the national trade and investment promotion organization. KOTRA is a non-profit agency that promotes and facilitates bilateral business relationships between Korea and the world since its foundation in 1962. https://www.kotra.or.kr/

Anahit Poturyan

Anahit Poturyan is a writer, art educator, and digital marketer based in LA with a strong focus on technology, research, history, and culture.She received her B.A. in English Literature and an Art History minor from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and an M.A. in Aesthetics and Politics from the California Institute of Art (CalArts).She has worked at the Peggy Guggenheim in Venice, Italy; the 58th Venice Biennale, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA), the Hammer Museum, Artbook @Hauser & Wirth, and Otis College of Art and Design. She has lectured at numerous conferences across the world, such as the Nordic Summer University in Faro, Sweden, and the Western University of Australia, Perth, Australia. Her writings have appeared in the LA Review of Books, MediaTech Ventures, Whitehot Magazine, among others.

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