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Will MediaTech Ventures help me find an investor?


Technically speaking, MediaTech Ventures is not what is referred to in the United States as a “broker” – an individual or entity registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission of the United States to directly facilitate funding for your company.  So, let’s clarify what it means to help you find investors…

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If we feel that you are ready for funding, having completed the program and the work expected of you along the way, you will present your startup at a showcase upon graduation and we will have your presentation produced so that you have material with which to raise capital.

  • The community on the MediaTech Ventures site, has hundreds of investors in the network
  • The search engine on the site has thousands of investors for you to find and reach out to yourself
  • Our newsletters and social networks reach hundreds of thousands and so as long as you communicate to us and through us how things are going, we’ll make sure they’re made aware of that progres

Since we’re not a broker or direct source of capital, we’re not in the business of deciding for investors if you both should meet; it’s your job to raise capital.  We’re in the business of making your work worthwhile, keeping investors informed, and making the entire process easier for you both.

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