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An Industry Framework for Media Innovation

A result of our early work to development MediaTech Ventures, we’ve been exploring unusual business models such as venture development and startup studios, MediaTech Ventures works to provide funding, talent, and resources at the convergence of media and technology.

In our work with government, developers, non-profits, studios, investors, directors, musicians, actors, founders and more, to provide the infrastructure and access to networks that media industries depend upon to thrive. With industry capitalization paramount to talent and entrepreneurs working in media, MediaTech Ventures connects the dots between innovation, venture capital, corporate support, and public interests.

MediaTech Ventures is at the heart of that industry, in support of artists, developers, producers, entrepreneurs, and financiers.

How MediaTech Ventures Works

We consider “Media” a horizontal; the broadest set of things with which we work. Then define your work by way of the vertical, context, and consideration:

  • Vertical: Video/TV, Radio/Podcast, Print/Online, VR/AR, Video Game, Music…
  • Context: Live, entertainment, information, indie, international…
  • Consideration: Funding, mobile, development, distribution, recruiting…

To serve you, we apply this idea to a framework for economic development that Paul O’Brien developed, in conceptualizing how the future of our economy might thrive wherein many more professionals are working for themselves, needing to keep pace with technology, and seeking close connection to peers.   That framework distinguishes where we invest to develop talent, entrepreneurs, and opportunities:

  1. Network
  2. Education
  3. Spaces & Studios
  4. Platforms
  5. Promotions

Where we Work

As the twentieth century wound to a close, we witnessed the impact of computer, software, internet, and smart phone; our experience with media was forever changed.

We believe technology, from the printing press to blockchain, creates opportunity in gaming, VR and immersive video, augmented reality, adtech, streaming, and more, changing not just entertainment, but every facet of our lives.

To serve that industry capably depends on the executives, advisors, mentors, educators, and professionals working together toward the growth of the MediaTech ecosystem

tech-icoNetwork – Fostering the people that matter to what you do in media; through events, experiences, and data platforms

ed-icoEducation – Providing mentorship and developing curriculum and resources so you know how to succeed

space-icoSpaces & Studios – Working in economic development, public policy, and in coordination of funding and infrastructure to create space

plat-icoPlatforms – Building, investing in, and developing the applications, services, and technology ideal to our industry

prom-icoPromotions – Promoting the MediaTech economy through conferences and event partners, research, and industry evangelism

As we distinguish media innovation and work to move capital therein, we’d love to have you come along with us.   Keep in touch

John Zozzaro

Thinker, Tinkerer, Problem Solver, Entrepreneur, Musician, Husband, Dad.

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