Mashable Social Media Day 2017

In 2010, the globally known, multi-platform media and entertainment Mashable helped establish the role and impact of social media in the broader media ecosystem, with the launch of Social Media Day.  A way to recognize and celebrate social media’s impact on global communication, the formal day is annually recognized with city proclamations, local thought leader talks, community engagement, and livestreams through which you have a chance to fully absorb the latest in social media and social marketing.

Of course the distinction of social media, from other forms of media, should you not be familiar, is the internet oriented technology that facilitates the creation and sharing of information, ideas, and interests through communities and networks online.  The examples with which you’re most likely familiar include:

  1. Facebook – the social networking site that allows users to create their personal profiles, share photos and videos, and communicate with other users
  2. Twitter – a web service that allows users to post “tweets” for their followers to see updates in real-time
  3. LinkedIn – a networking website for working professionals enabling professional profiles, job listings, company pages, and industry thought leadership.
  4. Pinterest – an online community that allows users to display photos of items found on the web by “pinning” them.
  5. Snapchat – a mobile app that allows users to send and share photos of themselves doing their daily activities.
  6. Medium — a content portal and community through which users can easily start blogs or syndicate content from elsewhere to followers on the Medium network.
  7. Quora — the place for questions and answers from a network of everyone, asking, seeking, sharing, advising, and supporting.

Social media is the heart of global communication; and Mashable’s inception, they’ve been using social media to connect.

While those of us passionate about social media are there every day, June 30th (typically) marks the annual date and indeed, this Friday, June 30th, 2017 marks the eighth-annual official global celebration. No matter where you live, you can celebrate. Learn how with Mashable, and follow @MashSMDay on Twitter for #SMDay updates.

This Year in Social Media Day

From our home in Texas, we’re excited to be celebrating Social Media Day in most of the major cities.  Thanks to the support of Digital Marketer, Serving Social, Digital Creative Institute, and local Microsoft stores, 2017 is the inaugural year for Social Media Day events in Austin and San Antonio, adding to the recurring events around Dallas / Fort Worth and in Houston.

Throughout the day, everywhere, here’s the run down:

Join us, online and off.  We’ll be livestreaming from Austin via Facebook and as you can expect, tweeting #SMDay throughout Friday!

Photos from what we’ve got going on in Austin

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Mashable Social Media Day 2017

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