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How do I find Angel investors for Series A investment in media startup?


I am a media founder looking for an angel investor for a Series A investment. Can you direct me?

Mark McCormack Answered question

Mate – when I know, you’ll know and hopefully vice versa 🙂 Seriously though, they tend to be former founders or C-suite who get the space intimately. Not unlike many industries. Media/Entertainment does scare the pants off most other people though. Memories of Travolta’s Get Shorty film perhaps 🙂

Just keep-a-knockin. I’ve had some success, but they are rare. More rare in Australia, as ironically we are more conservative than most people think. Unless in a bar fight over the last cold beer on a stinkin hot day ! 🙂 – Gotta love stereotypes.

Best of luck man.


Mark McCormack Answered question
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