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Over the next 6 months, what semi major purchase do you need to make for your business?

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The reason that I ask is that I’m consulting to an uber cool startup that’s just come out of some Beta trials.

Without giving you all of the secret sauce, they combine purchasing power of many businesses the negotiate and save everyone a motza !

BUT WAIT – there’s more 🙂 YOU can start a Team for what YOU want. Not what say deal site that you are used to shows you. New Gulf Stream?  10 x laptops? I want to save on our Office cleaning?  List it in 5 minutes and their Team will also source similar buyers, so your negotiation power grows and you save !

So as business owners, if you could share some feedback on what items you might need t purchase over the next 6 months it would give the guys some new insights.

Cheers and best,


Mark McCormack Answered question

Apols for the typos guys. Late night on a mobile.


Hey @Rupert Cheek.

I hear you man. And Macs are notoriously hard to negotiate with on price at a store. There\’s only one of them vs 10 Windows models. This new startup is all about combining demand from people you dont know and then negotiating with multiple vendors for a great price. So if we got 10 buyers together or maybe even 50, there is a deal to be done there we think. Definitely a better option that you negotiating alone.

What would you like to do next here mate….?


Mark McCormack Answered question
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