Wallifornia: Where Music and Technology Come Alive

There is a lot of music being produced by different artists these days. We also have various innovations that keep on coming. But have you ever thought of combining the two? 

Well, someone has… Wallifornia

Wallifornia is taking the future of music and technology into new territory by bringing together startups, professionals & investors for an event in Liège. The first edition of Wallifornia MusicTech 2019 brought together people from different industries including artists who are interested in or researching tech innovation on their own performance innovations. There were also label executives that have been working hard to promote this type of scene across Europe over recent years but also researchers looking towards what’s coming next within the field which will undoubtedly shape how we consume content going forward.

But for this event to be a success, there had to be some amazing people behind it. Let’s dive into more about the people who made it happen. 

Yvan Boudillet

Yvan Boudillet is a French music industry professional with over ten years experience driving digital development and consumer strategy for EMI and Warner Music France. He’s the founder of TheLynk, an advisory firm that provides services such as artist management or tour marketing; he also founded Entertainment Lead at Startup Sesame which connects entrepreneurs to creative sectors in Europe through tech events.

Coralie Doyen

Coralie Doyen is a lover of language and literature who has experience in higher education before transitioning into media where she works as a project manager and innovator in startups. After years helping startups innovate, Coralie now devotes her time to creating and managing content.

Sudha Kheterpal

Sudha Kheterpal has been a musician and an entrepreneur for over 25 years. She played percussion on albums by Faithless, Dido, the Spice Girls’, and Kylie Minogue. As an entrepreneur, Sudha continues to make music to inspire others internationally. She’s a 2x TED X speaker and has won several other honors solidifying her success in the industry. 

Gérôme Vanherf

Gérôme Vanherf is a corporate venturing specialist and head of Belgian VC LeanSquare start up division. His day-to-day job entails linking local corporations with the entertainment industry, including Wallifornia – an innovative platform that links startups to large companies for joint venture opportunities across Europe.

Xavier Péters

Xavier Péters is a former banking associate, business consultant, and an accomplished bassist. He heads the LEANSQUARE portfolio of MusicTech startups, founded in 2015 to help others find their talent through music technology services like sound designing or studio production among other things.

Wallifornia MusicTech 2022

Back in Liège, Belgium July 6th and 7th, Wallifornia is drawing the world back together as the community of innovators and artists in music and technology convene in La Grand Poste

Wallifornia’s goal is to have an impact on people’s entertainment consumption. They believe that if they can bring together startups and large corporations from the music, sports, gaming, and other media, talent converges in exposure to talent, leading to better music technology, products, and platforms, than available today. The structural growth partnerships between parties who may never have met before but now share common interests are how this gets done; all made possible thanks to Wallifornia.

The best experience I ever had around music tech. The acceleration program it’s incredible, a lot of feedback, international professionals in music tech, investors. The best place to be if you are in the music industry ecosystem.”

Marcelo Lara Guerrero; a graduate of MediaTech Ventures’ incubator, with Pro Indie Music

MediaTech Ventures MusicTech Wallifornia

  • July 6th, look for Paul O’Brien hosting, a special session and open mic discussion: “Developing your community in the Music Industry” (LinkedIn here)
  • Also on the 6th, MediaTech Ventures’ Advisor Arabian Prince: Founding member Rock hall of fame group N.W.A. and Founder/CEO GGGOAT/MDDAO, joins a discussion of “Artist’s Vision on Innovation” (LinkedIn here)
  • July 7th, Ted Cohen is your host for “The Future of Radio & Digital Music” with Super Hi-fi and European Radios (LinkedIn here)

Join us here to best connect with us online or so we can connect in Belgium

Learn more about the schedule of events and get involved next week, here.
What’s your experience with Wallifornia? Let us know! 

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Wallifornia: Where Music and Technology Come Alive

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