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MediaTech Ventures’ Community Spotlight Ep.01 – Moby

Meet @notthamoby, otherwise known as, you guessed it, Moby. A community evangelist, MediaTech professional, and overall content bad ass.

From his career beginnings at Dell, he’s now advised dozens of startups, helping them raise tens of thousands of dollars, mentored at incubators like MediaTech Ventures’ Collective, and helped run Capital Factory’s accelerator.

He’s launched a content bootcamp, where aspiring content creators can learn to lose their training wheels and make incredible and effective content, and more recently has launched a content accelerator helping entrepreneurs maximize their content capabilities.

Learn more about @notthatmoby here: https://thefireshow.com/

How did you come into the world of content, and content marketing?

Moby: “The US government, basically. I was on a Visa in the US, and I was working at Dell after 4 years of college and I wanted to start a business. I was like ok, I have this day job at Dell and I’m making money and I can find my side hustle and grow that, the whole startup side hustle dream. First I had an idea, I started working on it, I had some advisors, and I called a lawyer just to keep everything above board. I paid her $250, and we hopped on a call, and she told me to shut up and wait for your green card. So I was working at Dell and still had 3,4,5 years for the green card, so I started the only thing in entrepreneurship I can do, which was make content.”

Out of all the content you could’ve been making, why podcasting?

Moby: “I was afraid of video, and when I had this idea I was waiting in my kitchen for some pretty bad chicken, listening to Tim Ferris episode one. The sound quality was shit, he was a horrible host, and they got drunk in the middle of the interview and I was like, I could do that!”

What were some of the “aha moments” throughout your content-preneur journey so far?

Moby: “I had been making content about my green card thing, one of the big things is owning your story. A lot of people told me to do it, so I started that. But when I got the green card and I posted about it, there were like, ya know, a few hundred comments saying congratulations, woohoo – woohoo – woohoo, guns, beer, America! But one comment said, oh thank god, you kept us going like a Soap Opera, and I was like boom – you can make content about building a business and that journey, make it like a Soap Opera so people become invested.

What are some myths about making content?

  • You don’t have to be good to make content
  • No one remembers your sucky videos

What are some tips you would give someone thinking about making content, but are stuck?

  • I would record everyday and not push it out for two to three weeks
  • Make videos but don’t make them for the sake of pushing them out

When people think about Moby, what do you want them to think?

Moby: “That guy deserves my money, honestly I’m still on the journey of figuring that out but I’d like to think about it like this. I’m the guy you can call when you’re sick and tired of being afraid to be on video, and you want some help doing it.”

If you had a super power, what would it be?

Moby: “People want to give me their money”

What are some good resources for people listening?

Moby: “My favorite three books are both traction’s the one about marketing, and the one about operations, the third book is The E-myth. Russel Brunson’s podcast, and Stephen Larson just launched a podcast called Launch for Profit.”

Before we wrap up, is there one thing you want to give advice wise to people out there that are watching you now, watching this video on their content aspirations?

Moby: “No one regrets making content two years ago.”

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Thinker, Tinkerer, Problem Solver, Entrepreneur, Musician, Husband, Dad.

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