The SXSW ’19 – 19 Things to Do in Media

I’m not one for brevity and since we’re all racing to prepare, get settled, and get organized for SXSW 2019, I’m going to do my best to try, and get right to the point.

The SXSW 19

  1. Request access to the Inc Founders House – running for a few days
  2. Request access to the Fast Company Grill – also a few days
  3. RSVP to get into the Recode / Vox Media Deep End
  4. RSVP to Funded House – Focused attention on Venture Capitalists and startups
  5. Thursday night – Pop-up Show with a panel on Blockchain in Music
  6. Thursday night – Austin Tech Happy Hour – One of the foremost tech meetups in Austin
  7. Thursday later night – ATC Gateway – Member event but the place to be for our Austin friends and family who are affiliated
  8. Friday evening – the SXSW Super Connectors meetup
  9. Friday night – Comcast NBC Universal Techstars LiftLABS Accelerator meetup
  10. Friday night – SXSW Kickoff Party; International Women’s Day
  11. Saturday – Come celebrate Subvrsive and the SXSW Interactive Innovation Awards
  12. Sunday at Funded House – Media Technology + Venture Capital panel
  13. Monday morning – Tech Investors and Founders Coffee
  14. Tuesday – Wednesday – the SXSW Hackathon
  15. Tuesday afternoon – the Pandora Partnership Lounge at Lustre Pearl
  16. Tuesday night – Global Leaders Mixer
  17. Wednesday – Music Technology Elevator Pitch Session
  18. Wednesday night – CenTex Podcasters’ SXSW Meetup
  19. NEXT Friday – TuneCore SXSW Mixer

Easiest way, I’ve found to keep tabs on where to be?  Follow twitter.  People tend to share where they are and where they’re headed.  Join us: @MediaTechVent

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The SXSW ’19 – 19 Things to Do in Media

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